What is an Employee Benefit Plan?

An employee benefit plan is an added value advantage to employees, in addition to their regular compensation plan. One type of benefits plan we offer covers health, dental, vision, life, disability, and retirement saving coverage. These custom benefits plans are covered by an agreement between an employer and a plan carrier, represented by an agent or firm, such as Freeborn Financial.

Advantages of an Employee Benefit Plan

Ability to attract prospective employee to your organization

Assists in the retention of valuable employees

Ensures that the health and stability of your employees is a priority

How can Freeborn Financial provide a value added service to you?


A detailed analysis is completed to identify the needs of the employer and its employees


A plan is developed with careful consideration of the budgetary needs of the employer and employees


All plans can be developed and completed through an online system/program which allows the employer to make adjustments as required and which are reflected instantly and applied

Video Overview of Group Benefit Plan


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